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The AmPowering  pageant is focused on making women confident, helping them reach their full potentials, and making a positive impact in helping them realize their own strengths and making connections. Countless women have been positively impacted byAmPowering's dedication to highlighting Asian women of Canada. Menka has designated the motto of the AmPowering's beauty Pageant as “Making a Difference.” She encourages her contestants to get out and volunteer in their communities. She also sets up several events throughout the year, that provide opportunities for her contestants to charitably serve others.

The Miss Teen Canada and Mrs. India Canada pageant is a tool to support, uplift and encourage women to become the best version of themselves. There are various workshops conducted during training to help them improve on interview skills, confidence, public speaking, personal style, and public presence.

There is NO RESTRICTIONs  on height, weight and martial status.  Mrs.  age : 18+ yrs  


AmPowering is USA based nonprofit -501c(3) organization with mission to  be a catalyst to enable vulnerable communities to enhance & develop their quality of life by creating opportunities encompassing educational, socio-economic and behavioral transformations. We are committed to empowering women, youth and enriching families and transforming communities.​

Through this platform, we want to reach women of all demographics, irrespective of their social status and ethnic backgrounds with open arms and help them transform their dreams into reality.​


AmPowering is also producer and owner of Miss, Mrs, Ms & Miss Teen India WA & OR and Miss, Mrs, Ms & Miss Teen Asia WA & OR cultural beauty pageant. We believe in empowering women by providing a platform of pageant to learn, explore, transform and truly live their dreams of being a confident woman and realize their capabilities & strength. Through our pageant we have build several stories of transformation & self empowerment.

Menka Soni

President & Founder for AmPowering

National Director - Mrs. & Miss. Teen India Canada

State Director - Ms./ Miss. Teen & Mrs. India - WA & OR, USA


Menka Soni

Menka Soni is the President & Founder of AmPowering (formerly known as Ravishing Women). A corporate woman with career in topmost companies like Microsoft, General Motors, Starbucks, T-Mobile etc., a real estate broker, award winning community servant leader and a proven entrepreneur, Menka has touched many lives and benefitted several communities. She has been awarded for her several initiatives and appreciated by Governor, Mayor's, Senators as well as many international organizations.  She is awarded several times as Best Non Profit, Best Entrepreneur in The Global Beauty Awards, which is considered like Oscars in the pageant industry. During her forced break in 2009 due to visa issues and maternity leave, she realized that work-from-home women often put their dreams and passions on second priority and lose a sense of their individuality. She then left a promising IT career and embarked on a new journey to becoming an entrepreneur and help other women grow and come out of their comfort zones. AmPowering ) is a 501c(3) non-profit with an effort to motivate, inspire, encourage, appreciate and empower women. 


Menka is Art Commissioner with City of Redmond, Executive Board Director of Redmond Chamber of Commerce known as One Redmond Foundation, Mayor's appointed special Inclusion Task Force member and LTAC board member in City of Renton. 


Menka is also the official Washington and Oregon state director for the Miss, Mrs, Miss Teen India & Asia Pageant as well as national director of Mrs. India Canada Worldwide. Menka Soni is also involved in various other community projects and cultural initiatives. She is the founder and CEO of North America Fashion Week, an exclusive fashion event featuring international and local designers and supporting local clothing brands and entrepreneurs.. Her interest is deeply rooted in promoting arts and culture and also working towards women empowerment. She organizes many cultural events throughout the year such as Lohri- Punjabi festival of Harvest and Holi- Festival of colors.  

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